We are experienced Chicago area estate planning, trust and wealth management attorneys in Lake County and Cook County conveniently located in Lincolnshire, IL. Our highly experienced attorneys are skilled and offer services in regard to the following:


  • Wealth Management: You have worked hard for your wealth. You deserve to control where and when and how those assets are distributed. You demand a well-designed, well-executed wealth management and legacy strategy. We develop the strategies that give you peace of mind.


    • Estate Planning: A proper estate plan meets your goals and keeps you in control of the process and results. It begins with a thorough understanding of your needs, goals, dreams and aspirations. Only then can we begin to build a truly successful estate plan.


    • Medicaid Planning: A person facing the prospect of long-term care with moderate income and assets may eventually have to rely on Medicaid to pay part or all of the cost of care. Medicaid planning, using a professional Medicaid planning advisor or qualified elder law attorney, allows you to correct inequities in the system.


    • Legacy Planning: You are much more than a number on a bank statement. You have experience and insight that should be shared. You have causes, interests and obligations that you want to fulfill. Legacy planning is not just about passing assets along. Legacy Planning is about focusing on something greater: your wisdom.


    • Business Representation: Our highly experienced attorneys advise corporations, partnerships and other business entities on reducing legal risks and liability, damage control, compliance with laws, regulatory matters, tax reduction, and other areas of business law.


    • Philanthropy: Planned giving is an organized and strategic approach to giving that evaluates the donor’s personal values, selects charitable organizations and gift-giving vehicles that best reflect those values, and maximizes the financial and tax benefits of the gifts.


    • Pet Trusts: Pets can become dearly beloved family members. Our pets come to us from rescue shelters, from pet stores, from breeders, and from friends and family. Upon their passing pets leave us with a legacy of happy memories. Our pets love us unconditionally, help reduce stress and even enhance longevity.


  • Tax Services: We help individuals and businesses of all sizes manage their tax responsibilities and handle their liabilities. Our tax attorneys are also CPAs and offer a wide variety of services to help avoid or solve tax problems. The firm also offers corporate business representation, and individual and corporate tax services.

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