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What do you value?

A proper estate plan meets your goals and keeps you in control of the process and results. It begins with a thorough understanding of your needs, goals, dreams and aspirations. Only then can we begin to build a truly successful estate plan. The problem is most existing estate plans do not work. That’s because most families do not maintain their plans after the initial implementation. And most trusts are not properly funded – creating all kinds of unintended consequences. You may have been lead to believe that a boiler plate Will, a Living Trust, or designating a beneficiary is about all it takes to protect your wealth, and assure it goes where you intend. It is not. We help you avoid these and many other pitfalls.


Gary has done a great job in terms of education and follow-through. I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I met with Gary. Knowing that I have my estate plan set up properly gives me peace of mind.
Estate Planning is a process, not a destination. When you view it as a long term commitment to your family and loved ones, you gain peace of mind. Our estate planning process helps you achieve what you value most. Our process is based on sound counseling and advice – not word processing. After all, estate planning is not about documents, it is about results. Our clients value proper planning for themselves and their families. They include those with moderate means as well as those having significant wealth and complex business succession and family issues.

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