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    • I need a consultation on what is the best way to divide business between two partners?
      Basically, this is equivalent to a divorce except in a business setting. I am not sure how he was able to give away any part of his ownership interest without your approval. Ignoring that, you really do not say whether the business is a partnership, a corporation or an LLC..Read More Here


    • How can I protect my elderly parent from being taken advantage of financially?
      You should consult a local estate planning expert assuming your parent is still mentally competent to properly plan and protect their assets. This type of family planning is critical in a potential situation like the one you are describing…Read More Here


  • What is a ‘pour over’ will?
    Good question. I always call it the safety net to make sure any assets which have not been retitled into the trust end up in the trust at the end of the day. They still must go thru probate at that point because they are technically “pouring over” from probate to the trust.
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What is a Guardianship? What are the issues in appointing Guardians for children?

Who should do estate planning? Who is a good candidate for going thru the process?

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