Romantic Old Couple

How do you want to be remembered?

You are much more than a number on a bank statement. You have experience and insight that should be shared. You have causes, interests and obligations that you want to fulfill. Legacy planning is not just about passing assets along. Legacy Planning is about focusing on something greater: your wisdom. “It’s not what you own. It’s what you value,” beyond a catch phrase this is our philosophy.

Legacy planning forms the basic principles and a foundation of that philosophy. Unfortunately, the greatest transfer of wealth between generations in history bares the loss of wisdom from our fore fathers who created the wealth. The estate and legacy planning process go hand-in-hand. One supports the other. The process of Legacy Planning helps you better understand and communicate what is important to you – your life experiences and wisdom. It offers the opportunity to pass those values along to family and loved ones – to be remembered for what you believe and value.

Legacy planning is a journey that we are honored to guide our client’s along.

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