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Understanding Medicaid Planning

A person facing the prospect of long-term care with moderate income and assets may eventually have to rely on Medicaid to pay part or all of the cost of care. But many states rob a healthy spouse of a previously adequate income by allowing too little in protected resources and income. Likewise, children, relatives and friends are not recognized for the financial sacrifices they make in providing the early care before a recipient has a dire need for Medicaid funded professional help.

Medicaid planning, using a professional Medicaid planning advisor or qualified elder law attorney, allows you to correct inequities in the system.

Medicaid planning is no different from tax planning. In fact, a Supreme Court decision condones honest methods of eliminating income taxes or estate taxes. Similar to tax planning, Medicaid planning uses existing laws to structure legal strategies.

We believe that all strategies have their place in the scheme of things. Medicaid planning fits certain circumstances usually where families are in a crisis mode trying to preserve assets.
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