The SunBridge Key Advisor process is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Famiglia blu con casa celeste stilizzataWithout a doubt, it will improve your life, both professionally and personally. It will give you and your family peace of mind. You will have all your key financial information at your fingertips, but completely safe from hackers and other mischief-makers. If anything happens to you, your family and business associates will have immediate access to the essential information they will need to administer your affairs. In addition, this process will help you control costs, think strategically, and focus on the most important issues in your business and your life. Quarter after quarter, you will actually achieve your most important objectives. With the assistance of Gary R. Waitzman and the SunBridge Key Advisor process and tools, you will bring greater meaning, balance, and harmony to your life and your work.


“Because I travel a lot, my wife worried constantly about how she would make sense of our financial affairs—both business and personal—if something ever happened to me. She didn’t have a good handle on our insurance, investment accounts, passwords, PIN numbers, and similar details. Then Scott showed us the SunBridge Key Advisor system and we’re both hooked. The whole process makes sense and it’s so well integrated. This is exactly what we were looking for to give us peace of mind.”
– Greg Forte’, President, Forte’ Training Systems, Narcoossee, Florida


“The SunBridge Key Advisor process is powerful and effective in keeping me organized and focused. It is useful in helping get my arms around the data I need to stay organized in my business and personal affairs. And Scott Farnsworth is a great sounding board and advisor. He not only listens well and helps me think more clearly, he brings innovative, breakthrough ideas to the table all the time. I highly recommend this program.”
– Rick Hellberg, CEO, Peter Alexander, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania